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I was born on 26th February 1969 in Sofia- Bulgaria.I work as a personal bodybuilding and fitness trainer.As a profession I am a diplomated cook.

I do sport since I was 6 years old- diving. I started training athletics when I was nine years old.I finished Sport High School with athletics – sprint 100m, 200m. I am multiple champion in Bulgaria in this sport.

I was looking after my children 12 years and in 2000 I started playing rugby. I was keen on bodybuilding in the summer of 2003.I was persuaded to contest in competitions, because I spent all my childhood on the staduim.I am used to be a winner and to proove that I am the best.

I am 6 times national competitor, twice Balkan champion. My best achievements are in 2006 - first place in “Miss and Mister Universo “, Bari, Italy; First place and absolute champion in the tournament “World Coup of Fitness” category - “physique” - Bulgaria; Third place in an European championship in Greece - NABBA and second place in World championship in Greece-WFF.

I train five days per week.
Monday- cardio 30-40min and stretching;
Tuesday- back, trapezius and abdominal;
Thursday- I take rest;
Friday- biceps and triceps;
Saturday- I take rest
Sunday-legs and shoulders;

My favourite exercise is the one for back and so I think that’s my best muscle group.

Here are some of my body measurements: 172cm tall; Wights 77 kg (competition), 88 kg (non); 42 cm biceps; 117 chest; 76 cm waist and 63 cm quads
Bench press- 140kg (only once)
Squat- 180kg
Leg press- 260kg

I like that every single day the body changes about the training for competition.About the off season I like that I can have free way of eating . I can cook very well and I always preapre my meal.

A typical day of my life starts with getting up at 6.30 .I drink a protein shake with 2 bananas. After that I take the dog for a walk for an hour.I have a snack. Then I am already in the gym at 10.00 and I start training. I have meal at 12.00 and I take the shift of fitness trainer.I have once again a meal which usually is 300g chicken filets, rice and vegetables at 15.00. I train again at 16.30 until 18.00. I have dinner with meat, vegetables and rice. The last meal is at 20.00. I finish work at 22.00 and I come back home. I drink a protein shake and I go to sleep. These are my two busy days, when I’m at work.The next ones when I take rest I only go training and I have personal trainig with private clients at different gyms. I am at home in the afternoon. I do the usual thing that every housewife does.I do use a lot internet. I go out sometimes to dancing clubs, cinemas, theaters. My hobby is taking care of my dog- German shiper. Also I hold a rubric in a fitness magazine- the most reading magazine in Bulgaria- “Wellness- the art of life”.I am also very often arranged as bodyguard for a personal security.

I have the intention to travel to different countries, to meet different people, to compete in the most prestigious competions in the world and also to have the happiness to get an invitation for the “Olympia”