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My name is Flávia Crisos and now you will get a chance to know me better.

I was born in São Paulo on September 6, in 1977. I had a childhood rich in motor experiences where I practiced ballet and other sports for more than ten years.

In 1994 I moved to Florianópolis, an island in the south of Brazil, mainly to run away from the violence and the chaos of São Paulo, but also because I liked to surf. So, the harmony between beach and tranquility was perfect.

I started weight training ten years ago to gain weight since I was very slim. But with time I got a taste for the sport. So, after attending college for Physical Education and acquiring the technical knowledge, my training became more serious and complex. The transition between casual and competitive training was only a consequence of this process.

It was not easy in the beginning since I always prepared myself without help. I have never had a coach and I made a lot of mistakes until finding the proper way. However, the competitive environment, the relationship with other athletes, as well as my personal experiences, facilitated my technical development and gave me a better knowledge of my true potential.

I believe that the psychological side is the most important aspect of training. If you do not have devotion, motivation, persistence and discipline, the other factors such as nutrition and proper training simply do not function. The support of family and friends, which in my case has been strong, is also important. With hard work everything is possible....

I am very determined and a perfectionist who believes in what she does. This sport is my biggest passion because by surpassing my limits everyday I become not only a better athlete, but I also a better person 

Name: Flavia Crisos
Birthday: 06/09/1977
Current residence: Florianópolis - SC, an island in the south of Brazil.
Academic Career: Bachelors in Physical Education with specialization in Exercise Physiology
Occupation: Personal Trainer & Fitness Consultant
Height: 1,62m
Weight: 63kg off season and 56kg pre-contest
Time of training: 10 years
Time of competition: 3 years

- 3rd place of the 2002 Nabba Brazil Figure Championship
- 3rd place of the 2002 Nabba Classic Brazil
- 3rd place of the 2003 World Figure Championship in Scotland
- 1st place of the 2003 Nabba Classic Brazil (Figure Class)
- 1st place of the 2003 Nabba Universe (Figure Class)

Chest: 95cm
Waist: 61cm
Hip: 94cm
Thighs: 55cm
Arm: 33cm

Squat: 150kg
Leg Press: 450kg
Bench Press: 80kg
Biceps Curl: 30Kg

Muscles that I like to train the most: Thighs and Glutes
Favorite Exercises: Squat, glutes on the floor and Leg Press
Hobbies: cooking, studying, dancing and traveling
Favorite Food: Pancake and Ice cream
Favorite Color: Pink
Favorite Perfume: Angel
Favorite Movie: Mission: Impossible II
Favorite Type of Music: Hip Hop
Words that define my personality: work and persistence.
Qualities that I admire: humility, good temperament, sincerity and good manners.
Future objectives: To continue participating in international amateur competitions, so that one day I can turn professional. In 2004, my objective is only to defend the title of Miss Universe.

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