Profiles > Ana Maria Zvinca


1.Born place
- I was born in EUROPE, ROMANIA (country), BUCHAREST (city), in December, 9th. 1975.

2. My profession:
- Bodybuilding trainer
- Aerobic instructor
- Master Degree in Education Physic and Sports

3. Activities/sports then I did before started lifting weights:
- Stunts
- Aerobic Gymnastics
- Martia arts

4.How and when I start lift weights
- Lifting weights, because at that time (1994) i wanted to be stronger like many same age girls.
- When?.. here in my town, into the high school gym. I started as a junior.

5.The beginings!
- Since, i never think to the great performance from the beginning. My target to the that time was to look different like common people. Day by day i wanted from more and more (muscle volume, ripped, harmony, good looking, strength). Now all become for me, a really life style

6.My first competition.
My first competition was a local contest in Bucharest 1994; I won that competition.
The first international competition was in Bratislava (Yugoslavia)1995; 6th place

7. My biggest success .
- Third place in the European Fitness Championship 2003, over 170 cm. Izmir, Turkye.

8. The history of all My contests.
-1995 - Finalist to World Juniors Bodybuilding Championships, ctg.57 kg. Bratislava
-1996 - Finalist to World Juniors Bodybuilding Championships, ctg.57 kg. Katowice
-1998 to 2004 National Fitness Championship,over 170 cm category
-1998 to 2003 Balkanic Fitness Champ. over 170 cm.category
-2002 - fourth place in European Fitness Championship over 170 cm category , Budapest
-2003 - third place in European Fitness Championships over 170 cm category, Izmir
-2003 - eight place in World Fitness Championships over 170 cm category, Santa Susana Spain
-2004 Master Degree in Sports
-1998 - 2006 Consecutive Fitness National Champ title.

9. A typical day from my life .

Wake-up at 6-6,30 a.m.
Jogging 35-40 min.
Breakfast at 7,30-8 a.m.
Work (aerobic classes) 10-12 a.m.
First training, no more like 50 min, 12,30- 1, p.m.
Rest (1,5 hour of a good sleep) 2-3.30 p.m.
Little launch, black bitter coffee.
Work (aerobic and stretch classes)
Second training 35-45 min. 5-5,45 p.m.
Active rest; walk on park, watching on tv. etc.
Dinner at 9-9,30 p.m.
Slipping at 10,30- 11 p.m.

10. Detailes about My daily routine.

For my heavy-weights train, i prefer to work in the morning a big muscular group like back or legs, and afternoon a little muscular group like calves, biceps, triceps. For that i love to use basics exercises and free heavy- weights. About nr. of the sets, i use no more than12 for a big muscular group, and 8-10 for a little group. In every set i do between 8-12 reps. Of course i like to do some aerobic exercises to keep the body fat under control.

11. My states.

- High 170cm. Waist 66cm.
- Weight 65kg. Thigh 56cm.
- Arm around 39cm. Calves 40cm.
- Hips 99cm. Forearm 30cm.
- Dead-lifts 110kg. Back row 30kg.
- Squats 110kg. Barbell row 70kg.
- Double curl 20kg. Push-up 40
- Bench-press 75kg. Hack squat 150kg

12. My favourite body part. (in my opinion)
In my opinion arms, back and the shoulders are my best and favorite part.

13. My favorite exercise.
I like double biceps curl and squats, and, i hate dead lifts and bench press.

14. My opinion about feminimsm and contest judgging.
In my opinion the bodybuilding judging are subjective, even for the women. Sure, all the people wont to see more and more big muscle, but they are something forgot ; feminism, grace, good looking muscle, nice skin, beautiful hair and harmony. In that condition IFBB, come with fitness, beach body, figure and body fitness new things where the sports women are muscular, ripped and even beautiful.

15. My extra activities.
Almost the time i prefer practice activities, walking in park, mountain rides, swimming in Black Sea, tanning in the sun, reading books, watching movies, visit my parents and my friends, and all what give me happy and satisfaction.